dictionary wizard

The Dictionary Wizard is a standalone application that enables creating and modifying spelling dictionaries for applications that use our Addict spelling checker.

With the new Dictionary Wizard you get:

screen shots

Dictionary Wizard Screenshot
Using the dictionary wizard is a simple, self-explanatory task.

Dictionary Wizard Screenshot
Options are clearly explained in the dictionary creation task.

Dictionary Wizard Screenshot
Dictionary edits can be done by looking up, adding or removing words on the fly.

Dictionary Wizard Screenshot
Saving the contents of a dictionary to a file is very simple.


The Dictionary Wizard is a commercial product that can be purchased from Addictive Software. It is supported on all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP onward.

Other available resources:

Dictionaries built with this product can be used in any way that respects the originating licenses of any wordlists used to create them. A few commercial dictionaries can choose to prevent editing or extraction. Most dictionaries do not request this protection.

Any dictionaries built with the Dictionary Wizard are compatible with all applications using our Addict 4 spelling engine. For information on support for our older Addict 3 engine, please contact support.